What are the Main Reasons for Car Accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents happen at an alarming 10 seconds every day in the United States. There are several determining factors as to what causes these accidents, but almost all accidents fall into four determinants, which include equipment failure, road design, poor maintenance on roads, and driver behavior. The majority of accidents involve at least one of those determinants along with driver behavior. For example, someone may say that the accident would not have happened if the roads were not bumpy, but the driver was usually engaging in careless behavior at the same time.

Equipment failure is defined as any part of your vehicle not working properly. Vehicle manufacturers are required by law to produce vehicles that pass the minimum safety standards, but after the warranty period ends, it is up to the driver to maintain the vehicles. Brakes should be checked regularly to ensure that the brake pads are tight and are in working order. Tires also need regular attention. Underinflated, overinflated, and tires with balding pose serious risks when driving as a possible tire blow-out can occur, potentially causing serious damage to the vehicle as well as the driver. The steering and the suspension on a vehicle is what helps a driver maneuver around obstacles when driving. Without a working suspension system, drivers run the risk of serious endangerment as they have no way to quickly steer and move around to avoid other vehicles or obstacles. The steering and suspension should be checked every 10,000 miles. Even though equipment failure is responsible for less than 5% of accidents in the United States, maintaining your car on a regular basis is still a necessity.

As stated before, many drivers place the blame of a collision or accident on the roads in which the accident happened. However, careless driving is almost always associated with the accidents caused by roadway designs including road surfaces, signs, hazard visibilities, traffic signals and signs, speed bumps, guard rails, and hazard visibilities.

Poor road maintenance, on the other hand, is responsible for some accidents, but again, most accidents that happen on poor roads occur because of driver negligence. Accidents that are a result of poor road maintenance are usually caused by dirt and debris on the roads, potholes, salt and sanding during the winter months, and road construction.  When driving, you should always be on the lookout, because if you are speeding and cannot stop in time because of road construction, salt, or the other factors, you will more than likely be held liable.

Finally, careless driver behavior is the number one reason accidents happen. Careless driver behavior consists of speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, tailgating, failure to abide by traffic signs and lights, failure to avoid pedestrians, texting and talking on cell phones while driving, not using the proper signals, improper lane changing, failing to yield when appropriate, and exhibiting aggressive driver behavior, such as excessive horn blowing, shouting, and blinking lights at other drivers.

If you feel you are not liable for a car accident, consider getting in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer in your area.

Source: http://www.mvs.net/pdf/contributoryfactorstoroadacc4782.pdf



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