The Responsibilities of Car Accident Lawyers

In 1908, The American Bar Association implemented rules that all attorneys must follow, which emphasizes professional conduct consisting of competence, diligence, communication, fees, and confidentiality. These rules are upheld in almost all states in the nation, with slightly varying degrees. In general, these rules and responsibilities are expected of your attorney:

Your car accident lawyer should always abide by the competency rules, which simply means attorneys should not be negligent to any cases that they take on, and should have the means and expertise to take on a case.

Diligence simply means that your car accident lawyer should act in a diligent manner when representing you, meaning that your lawyer should exercise reasonable promptness.

Your attorney should always have open communication with you. You should be informed of when to reach your attorney, how to reach your attorney, and where to reach your attorney. In addition, you should be informed as much as possible as to what is going with your case, and your attorney should reply within a reasonable amount of time. However, keep in mind that your lawyer has the right to inform you if you are seeking information that goes against the “Rules of Professional Conduct.” Finally, your attorney should explain all aspects of your case to you in a way that will allow you to make an informed decision.

The fees that your car accident lawyer charges should be dependent upon the time and labor involved in your case, any time limitations set upon the lawyer or client, the experience and knowledge of the lawyer, the difficulty of your particular case, and the outcome of the lawsuit.

Your car accident attorney should keep what you say confidential, meaning that information given to your attorney should not be revealed to others after your consultation, excluding authorized disclosures. However, your car accident lawyer has the right and responsibility to give information revealed to authorities if you’ve given information that can result in an illegal or the bodily, financial, or property damage and injury of another. This is in pursuance of RPC 1.6 . will only recommend competent attorneys who have a proven track record of not only abiding by expectations of attorneys, but also a successful record when it comes to winning claims and allowing clients to gain the highest financial compensation possible.




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