Cell Phone or Texting Car Accident

Even though the federal government has issued warnings in regards to the dangers of texting and talking on cell phones while operating a vehicle, the incidents continue to happen at an alarming rate. Even with texting and cell phone bans in certain states, accidents continue to occur as a result of the use of cellphones while driving. However, even with all the warnings and accidents, statistics shows an astounding number of individuals that continue to place theirs lives, along with the lives of others, at risk.

According to the federal government and research performed by Harvard University, 11% of drivers are using their cellphones to talk and text at pretty much any given time, day or night. The same researcher at Harvard also concluded that at least 2,600 fatal accidents, and over 570,00 minor and major accidents are happening annually in the United States because of cellphone use while operating a vehicle. Another study indicates that a driver using a cell phone is four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Several cell phone companies have created hands-free devices in order to reduce the risk of accidents, yet, evidence shows that these gadgets are no more safe than the traditional ways of using a cellphone.

In a 2009 poll conducted by the New York Times, an estimated 50% of people in the United States stated that texting while driving should be as punishable as something as severe as driving while intoxicated.

Because of the severity of the accidents caused by using cell phones while driving, several states have implemented laws that ban any sort of texting while operating a vehicle. At least 10 states in the United States have prohibited the use of handheld cell phones, whether talking or texting, at anytime. At this time, no state has completely banned the use of cellphones while using hands-free technology, but many states prohibit this form of cellphone use for certain drivers. For example, 31 states do not allow novice drivers to use cellphones, whether handheld or hands-free, and 19 states do not allow bus drivers to use cellphone when there are passengers aboard. 37 states prohibit texting while driving for all drivers, and additional states prohibit novice drivers and bus drivers from texting.

Even with warnings and state laws in place, accidents continue to happen involving individuals who text and talk while driving. If you’ve been a victim of such an accident, use our contact form or call us to be put in touch with a leading car accident attorney in your area.

Sources: http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/cellphone_laws.html





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