Steps to Avoid Additional Car Accidents

If you’ve been in a car accident, whether by your own fault or the fault of others, you probably do not ever want to go through that experience again, and are using extra precaution while driving. However, there are certain things to always keep in mind while driving that may seem harmless, but could quickly result in another accident.

Driving in the Fast Lane
When people are on the highway, especially if they are in a rush, using the fast lane can seem appealing. However, the fast lane on the highways usually results in more crashes. Using the center and right lanes will give you a better opportunity to escape an oncoming collision.

No Texting and Calling When Driving
Although this should be a given, millions of people use their cellphones at least once a day when driving. What seems minor though, can end up in an accident. That 30-second phone can actually distract drivers, bringing some of their focus off of the road. Your focus when driving should be exclusively on the road and traffic.

Look at the Conditions of Other Cars and Driver Behavior
Although not always the case, the condition of the car next to you may be indication of how the driver operates his/her vehicle. A dirty car with body damage, fogged windows, and a busted headlight could indicate that the driver is inattentive. In addition, if the driver is swerving in and out of traffic or casually gliding through lanes without a turn signal, the safest bet is to avoid cars such as these, just in case.

Vehicle Maintenance
Be certain to always maintain your vehicle. Don’t put off the oil change, tire rotation, or tune-up for another day just because you are busy. The day you put vehicle maintenance off could be the day that you wish you had not. Dull windshield wipers during an unexpected storm, or dull tires that should have been rotated or replaced puts you at a higher risk for another car accident.

Correct Hand Placement While Driving
Many people may have forgotten what they learned during their years of driver’s education, or may have simply become too lazy to use the proper hand placement when driving. Your hands should be in the 9 and 3 o’clock positions at all times when driving. Driving with your hands at the lower part of the steering wheel or in the 12 o’clock position puts you and other drivers at risk should you need to react quickly.

In conclusion, use common sense while driving, and don’t take gestures for granted. Those small gestures could end up saving you from another accident, and possibly saving your life.




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