Motorcycle Accident

Statistics show that motorcycles are involved in a disproportionate percentage of catastrophic vehicle accidents. Even though the rider is often not at fault, the greater injury occurs to the person who drives the motorcycle. Against the force of a larger and more powerful vehicle, a motorcycle and it’s rider has little chance of escaping without serious damage.

The Department of Transportation reports that the use of a proper motorcycle helmet increased last year, but many drivers received catastrophic injuries anyway. Motorcyclists are often the victims of accidents that are unavoidable. Quite often, bike riders are not at fault in accidents that cause tragic results.

A careless moment of inattention by a driver of a car or truck can inflict bodily injury or even death on a motorcycle rider. A motorcyclist can be unavoidably injured when a driver comes out of a driveway without notice or swerves in front of a rider without looking. Motorcycles are often not seen in a rear view mirror when an automobile driver decides to change lanes. Failure to yield right of way to a motorcyclist or to obey posted traffic signs contributes to the violations that result in severe injury and tragic consequences. A sad commentary on the high number of motorcycle accidents is the admission by car drivers that they never saw the motorcycle that they hit.

For whatever reason that a motorcycle accident occurs, the rider is usually the recipient of the most serious injuries. An experienced auto accident attorney can help an accident victim get justice and compensation for injuries that result from the irresponsible actions of others. Reconstructing the accident scene is often helpful in showing that the motorcyclist was not at fault. The architectural design of a roadway is a contributing factor in motorcycle accidents in some cases, and the defective design of a motorcycle is a possible cause of accidents as well.

Auto accident attorneys are experienced in working with insurance companies to make sure that accident victims get the compensation that they deserve. Medical bills and hospital stays are costly, and they are included in a compensation settlement. In addition, a driver who is not at fault in an accident and is unable to work is entitled to compensation for lost wages. Some settlements include payment for pain and suffering as well. In some cases, the court may award punitive damages as a lesson to other drivers to avoid performing similar acts of negligence.



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