Defective Equipment Car Accident

Defective equipment can cause automobile accidents that result in bodily injury or death to drivers and their passengers. A steering wheel that suddenly breaks can make it impossible for a driver to have any control over a car. An accelerator that gets stuck can create an unexpected increase in speed with tragic consequences. Tires that blow out can cause a car to swerve off the road and turn over. An airbag that fails to open in a car crash denies a driver or a passenger the protection that is expected.

A car accident lawyer helps victims get justice and compensation for injuries caused by defective equipment.

Automobiles are extremely dangerous when equipment on them fails to perform properly. Victims of accidents that are caused by negligent design and/or manufacture have a right to receive compensation for their losses. A car accident attorney helps people stand up for their rights and get the maximum compensation possible. A victim does not have to accept a minimum settlement from an insurance company when an experienced lawyer provides representation.

Anyone who is injured as a result of defective equipment on an automobile can provide information that helps a car accident lawyer provide the best representation. Making a written record of what happened is the first task a victim can do while the details are fresh in mind. The names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident are valuable in verifying a victim’s account of events.

Cars are often tested for crashworthiness, and every driver deserves to own a car that is safe to drive. Most car owners are not experts on automotive design or manufacture, and they expect good performance when they spend money to buy a vehicle. They certainly do not deserve a vehicle or vehicle equipment that was built so poorly that it harms them or their passengers.

A car accident lawyer can help an accident victim get fair and just compensation for injuries, damages, lost wages and other expenses that are incurred. Medical bills and provision for continued therapy are usually part of a fair compensation settlement. Legal representation by a car accident lawyer gives an accident victim a fair chance to recover the maximum compensation allowed.



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