Dealing With Financial Issues After a Car Accident

The aftermath of any auto accident is never pleasant or easy to deal with. Even in the least significant of vehicle-related incidents where no serious physical injuries were suffered by either drivers or passengers, there is a plethora of financial issues that crop up as a consequence.

In even best-case scenarios, a car crash inevitably incurs lots of unplanned for expenses and financial difficulties. Even in an age where technology has made telecommuting commonplace, most adults who work outside the home must travel to and from their place of employment, and even individuals who work from home need to run business-related errands regularly. Thus, if you are employed and need your car to get to your workplace and back, losing the use of your car – without you being injured, even – just for a few days can adversely impact your financial situation.

If you are seriously hurt in a car accident, however, the financial consequences can be more adverse. Even if you are only slightly injured as a result of the incident, you will miss at least a few days of work; however, if you are severely injured and require a long hospital stay and outpatient rehabilitation, there is a good chance that you will lose your job either because you have missed too many days or because you are not physically or psychologically able to work.

For instance, if a public school teacher is injured as a result of a car accident and misses more than half a semester, she will more than likely see her income drop significantly. If she has a tutoring job on the side and can’t work with her private students, that source of money quickly dries up.  In addition, if her car is totaled in the crash, she has no way to get to and from her regular place of employment, causing her to be unemployed and creating yet another dip in her earnings. If left unchecked, this financial drain can have dire consequences, including the loss of the teacher’s home.

According to a study conducted in 2011, people who sustain injuries as a result of an accident suffer long-term financial distress. Though researchers focused on on-the-job back injuries and their effects, there is evidence that shows a correlation between accident-related injuries which result in chronic pain and adverse financial repercussions.  For years, and sometimes even decades after the incident took place, many accident victims find themselves overwhelmed by ballooning medical expenses, loss of wages, physical and mental distress that robs them of their ability to focus on completing tasks, loss of purpose, and interpersonal stresses with friends and family. In many cases, the lasting emotional trauma of serious injuries can even cause marriages to dissolve or result in the loss of a home due to the lack of financial resources even after a settlement has been made.

Keep in mind, that if you need assistance with the aftermath of a car accident, that a car accident lawyer understands the legal process and will help you get the financial and medical compensation you are entitled to.




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