Car Accident Lawyer

Each day, thousands of car accidents take place throughout the nation. Many of these accidents are minor altercations, but you may suffer from physical injuries as a result of the wreck. If the other party feels you’re at fault, they may decide to sue you. In some instances, people may act as their own attorney when faced with a car accident lawsuit, or when pursuing the other party for damages, as a means to save time and money. In other instances, people may think that the accident was too minor to involve an attorney. The above scenarios run the risk of you being unsuccessful when it comes time for financial compensation, medical reimbursement, and other legal issues surrounding the consequences of a car accident.

Minor Injuries as a Result of a Car Accident

If you have suffered minor injuries, you can be compensated for your loss. Minor injuries are defined as injuries that result in $1,000 or less in medical expenses. A common mistake that several car accident victims make is thinking that since their injuries were so minor, they have no chance of getting compensated. This is not always true, and an experienced attorney can lead you through the process, and help you win the financial compensation that you are entitled to.

In addition, minor injuries are perhaps not as minor as you think. Even though your injuries have equaled $1,000 or less in expenses, long term problems could arise from the accident. Whiplash is generally not felt for weeks, months, and sometimes even years after an accident, and can cause an array of permanent pain and injury that leads to more medical expenses. Furthermore, broken bones that don’t require surgery are usually listed as minor injuries. Yet, broken bones can lead to a lifetime of pain and damage depending upon the area where the bone broke.

Insurance adjusters would rather file all claims as minor injuries since it means they’ll be pay out less in damages. It’s common for insurance companies to fight against paying for medical expenses, even going as far as claiming that victims are exaggerating injuries. Without legal representation, insurance adjusters usually get away with this type of behavior.

Major Injuries as a Result of a Car Accident

In the event that you suffer a major injury, it is probably likely that you have also suffered severe property damage as well. Some people just assume that they’ll compensated because the evidence seems to be so overwhelmingly clear. However, even if the other party is at fault, an experienced attorney has the knowledge and expertise to be able to help them lessen the charges and damages. In some cases, leading car accident attorneys are able to get the responsible party get them completely off the hook, which typically happens much more frequently when the victim is not proactive. An experienced car accident lawyer is not only highly advised when it comes to major injuries, but almost a necessity if you want to recover all of your damages.

Generally, the majority of injured parties injured parties do not have the necessary legal knowledge, negotiation skills, and experience that is takes to get the highest financial settlement. Car accident lawyers have a several years of education, training, and work experience in the law field that the average person doesn’t have. Although it may seem straightforward and simple to file a lawsuit and represent yourself, the fact is that there are a plethora of intricate processes that you have to go through, and even more laws and regulations that must be followed. Attorneys are professionally trained to know, learn, and understand each part of the lawsuit process in order to successfully help their clients. In fact, a study done in 2004 by the Insurance Resource Council states that parties that retained and hired an attorney received up to three times more in financial compensation as opposed to those who did not have an attorney.

Additionally, insurance adjusters are notorious for continuously trying to settle on a low figure that is well below the actual amount of damages incurred. Known as “low ball” offers, auto insurance adjusters will typically offer car accident victims a settlement amount that they’ve come up with themselves, and give no room for negotiation. In most instances, when victims don’t agree with the settlement amount, they’ll file a lawsuit to recover the damages. Unfortunately, when car accident victims don’t have the proper legal representation, the outcome is usually in the insurance adjuster’s favor. Keep in mind though, that since every case is different, a trial may not always have to come about as long as you are armed with a good attorney who can direct you towards the best outcome.

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