A Car Accident Every 10 Seconds

Since accidents involving vehicles occur on a daily basis in the United States, there is a nation-wide plethora of personal injury claims, with the majority of the claims coming directly from car and other motor vehicle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there is a car accident every 10 seconds in just the United States alone. The number of car accident incidents, injuries, and fatalities are a huge concern for drivers, government officials, and the legal community.

When individuals initiate the process of making legal claims in regards to a car accident, it is usually because another party was negligent while operating a vehicle, which in turn, caused the accident. The negligent party is, under most circumstances, required to pay for any damages caused to another individual or another individual’s property as a result of negligence while operating a vehicle. If you are the injured party in the accident, it is up to you to prove the negligence of the other party, and this is why in many cases a car accident lawyer is retained and hired.

In some instances, there will not be a responsible individual for a car accident. For example, you may have a defective part in your car, which in turn can cause an accident. This type of accident falls under the obligation of the car manufacturer or the supplier of the defective part or parts. In addition, dangerous roads, broken or dimmed lighting, and improperly placed signs or poles can be the responsibility of the city, county or state government. In this case, the hiring of a car accident lawyer is highly advisable, as there are different rules and regulations that apply specifically to the government when making a personal injury claim.

An experienced car accident lawyer will help you learn your rights, and will also help you deal with the legal process. A car accident lawyer has knowledge in regards to motor vehicle accident liability, and can assist you with winning financial compensation and medical reimbursements.

Hiring a car accident attorney is a crucial factor which may determine whether you win or lose your claim.




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